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A self-taught videographer, she makes content on her own YouTube channel, she has also produced commercial projects for clients such as Clinique, Ikano, Ikea, Nestle, and Shu Uemura - from conceptualizing, directing to editing. Before diving into video production, Jenn started off as a singer-songwriter and has been performing professionally for 5 years at festivals, weddings, and annual dinners. Because of her quirky and fun persona, she was noticed by the 8TV Quickie where she began her TV hosting career. Since then, she has been seen emceeing at various events for brands such as Clinique, Make Up For Ever, Pandora, Cadbury, and Sennheiser amongst others.


A Personal Bio

I spent 6 years in a Chinese primary school. With this piece of information, you can draw three assumptions. #1 I speak Mandarin, #2 I have learnt to be holistically kiasu (competitive), and #3 I did not enjoy growing up very much. If you assumed these three things, you are right. Both my parents did not speak Mandarin, which made perfecting the language a little more challenging; especially when excelling academically was highly prioritized. After-school tuition classes was also the way of life to further provoke the inner kiasu-ness I was developing. Growing up woes were real, until I found something to look forward to – storytelling.

A teacher signed me up for a state English storytelling competition. At first, I did not want to be seen associated with something deemed dorky, but eventually I gave in anyway – and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Storytelling was a way for me to immerse myself in different characters with different voices and demeanors. It was an escape both physically (as I could skip

Mandarin tuition classes) and mentally. Representing my district, I competed against others and former champions, and brought home the gold medal. Victory tasted like scrumptious dark chocolate served with smooth vanilla icecream; but more importantly, the experience sparked the love for storytelling.


The spark never extinguished, like the traffic jams in Malaysia – it will never end. This love for storytelling manifested in other ways through my original songs, my performances, and YouTube videos.

My goal is to make people laugh and hopefully feel a pang of happiness. The most inspiring comments on my videos are when they tell me I have turned their bad day good – that is when I know I have done something right. It is rewarding and humbling beyond words. 


I want to thank my parents for coercing me to study in a Chinese primary school, for all the mind-numbing tuition classes I involuntarily attended, for their endless support, and for accepting me. Also, I want to thank you, for taking the time to read this. So, thank you!

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